Flame retardants for plastics

Magnesium derivatives

Magnesium derivatives

Improving the quality of finished products, optimizing the economy and production indicators of magnesium products
are important tasks for many chemical enterprises.

MagAdd®, produced from the natural mineral brucite (magnesium hydroxide), has the highest magnesium content and the lowest levels impurities compared to other minerals and can therefore help to achieve these goals.

We are the leading producers and suppliers of natural magnesium hydroxide.
Our product MagAdd® is an environmentally friendly material, its production does not harm the environment, which differentiates it from other mineral sources of magnesium.


Flame retardants for plastics
Magnesium additive
It is used in the production of magnesium sulfate, nitrate, chloride, and stearate as well as many other magnesium products.

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