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Reagent for bleaching of high yield semiproducts

BleachMag is an aqueous slurry of high purity magnesium hydroxide, which acts as a stabilizer and an alkali agent in the peroxide bleaching of high yield semiproducts.

BleachMag Application

The BleachMag suspension of magnesium hydroxide is the slowly released alkaline agent, which «activates» the hydrogen peroxide, and makes it into a perhydroxyl group with controlled rate. It allows to use the peroxide more effectively than in process with caustic soda. Reducing the concentration perhydroxyl groups in fixed time, BleachMag also reduces the potential of self-destruction that caused by the interaction of perhydroxyl groups with hydrogen peroxide. At the same loading of peroxide the process with BleachMag allows to achieve a higher content of peroxide in comparison with the conventional technique (with using of caustic soda). Reusing of residual peroxide or reducing of initial dosage can significantly reduce the cost of pulp and paper production. In addition, due to the controlled release of hydroxide ions in using of BleachMag, peroxide bleaching takes place at pH in the range of 6.5–8.0, — it reduces the risk of an alkali darkening.

Magnesium cation is divalent (unlike monovalent sodium cation, a component of caustic soda and sodium silicate), — and that gives an opportunity to improve the process of further refining of wastewater, because in the coagulation polyvalent cations work better than monovalent.

Effectiveness of BleachMag

It has been proved in laboratory studies and industrial tests that BleachMag Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry is cost effective in replacing of caustic soda and sodium silicate in peroxide bleaching of high yield semiproducts. Field tests showed the possibility of significant cost reductions while maintaining (or even improving) the properties of bleached semiproducts.

Our company can supply you a suspension BleachMag, or dry powder of magnesium hydroxide, which you can slurry by yourself and use in the process of bleaching pulp.

Since each production its own demands to the conditions and quality of bleaching, LLC «Russian Mining Chemical Company» can provide the necessary number of samples and to accommodate the technical support for all the tests.

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