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Chemical pulp bleaching

BleachMag® reacts as an alkali source and cellulose protector in chemical pulp bleaching. BleachMag® slurry contains both hydroxyl ions OH- and magnesium ions Mg2+, so it can replace magnesium sulfate MgSO4, and substitute partially caustic soda NaOH, in chemical pulp bleaching. It has been proved in laboratory and mill that BleachMag® slurry is a cost effective option.


Dual action in chemical pulp bleaching

Magnesium hydroxide in general has a low solubility in water. However, in chemical pulp bleaching, the dissolution of BleachMag® is unproblematic, because the activation of hydrogen peroxide facilitates the dissolution. The peroxide activation to the right (1) consumes hydroxyl ions, which shifts the balance of magnesium hydroxide dissociation (2) also to the right. This results in both magnesium ions and hydroxyl ions available for cellulose protection and alkalinity requirements.

·         H2O2 + OH- ↔ HOO- + H2O  — Peroxide Activation (1)

·         Mg(OH)2 ↔ Mg+2 + 2OH- —Magnesium Hydroxide Dissociation (2)

The optimization of BleachMag® dosage in chemical pulp bleaching depends on the special targets at the pulp mill. Therefore, Europiren B.V.  provides samples and technical support for your tests. Our company can supply you a suspension BleachMag®, or dry powder of magnesium hydroxide, which you can slurry by yourself and use in the process of bleaching pulp.

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