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Brewing ground for pulp

BleachMag is a powder applied in sulphite and bisulphate pulping. It can replace both caustic magnesite, and soda ash or lime. By replacing soda ash with BleachMag the consumption of chemical can be reduced in 1.5 – 1.6 times.

Application of BleachMag

Special attention should be payed to the low content of soluble dietary fibers which is essential for the operation of regeneration chemicals and for heat regeneration from spent liquors. Thus, the content of potassium in terms of K+ is about 0.01%, sodium salts in terms of Na+ — 0,03–0,06% and chlorides – 0.1– 0.2%. BleachMag can completely or partly eliminate the necessity of withdrawal of these compounds from the system. Moreover it contains very low quantity of Fe2O3 (about 0,1 – 0,5%) which is a very positive aspect.

Unlike caustic magnesite no hydration required when using BleachMag which greatly simplifies and reduces the costs of the cooking process of brewing liquors. BleachMag is immune to water, therefore its storage conditions are extremely simple.

Furthermore, BleachMag can be used for neutralization of wastewater. A positive aspect of BleachMag in this case is the fact that the pH level of the neutralized wastewater even with strong excess of BleachMag does not exceed 9-10 in contrast to the 12-14 with excess of lime or caustic soda. The consumption of BleachMag is 20-25% lower compared with consumption of lime or caustic soda, and is 40-45% lower than consumption of soda.

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