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Usage in the pulp and paper industry

Usage in the pulp and paper industry

BleachMag is a highly efficient reagent of new generation based on natural magnesium hydroxide. It is aimed to protect cellulose fibers in mechanical pulp peroxide bleaching and in delignification during chemical pulp bleaching.

BleachMag can either be supplied as a powder or a 50% suspension in water. It effectively replaces soda ash (Na2CO3), caustic soda (NaOH), caustic magnesia (MgO), sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) and magnesium sulfate (MgSO4).

Advantages of BleachMag

  • lower expenses and cost in comparison with soda ash and caustic soda
  • cost-effective and simple process for preparing cooking liquors compared to caustic magnesite
  • stability of cooking process
  • improves pulp quality
  • reduced loss of fibers in the form of chemical fumes
  • reduction of bleaching cost up to 30% while maintaining of the brightness of pulp
  • rapidly payback minimal investments during changing traditional bleach line
  • significant reduction of fiber damage due to chemical burn
  • acts as alkali and magnesium source at the same time, NaOH and MgSO4 can both be replaced by Bleachmag
  • drastic reduction of possible scaling
  • lower costs for waste water treatment because of strong reduction of COD/BOD
  • improved settling properties of the sludge in the waste water treatment plant
  • safe to store, handle and use



Mg Technical materials

Brewing ground for pulp
BleachMag is a powder applied in sulphite and bisulphate pulping. It can replace both caustic magnesite, and soda ash or lime. By replacing soda ash with BleachMag the consumption of chemical can be reduced in 1.5 – 1.6 times.

Reagent for bleaching of high yield semiproducts
BleachMag is an aqueous slurry of high purity magnesium hydroxide, which acts as a stabilizer and an alkali agent in the peroxide bleaching of high yield semiproducts.

Reagent for pulp bleaching
BleachMag Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry is a high purity, aqueous suspension. It functions as an alkali and cellulose protector in chemical pulp bleaching. 

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