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Usage in the pulp and paper industry


Magnesium Hydroxide in the pulp and paper industry

 BleachMag® protects cellulose and fibers in mechanical pulp peroxide bleaching and in delignification during chemical pulp bleaching. BleachMag® is a new and efficient reagent based on natural magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2. It effectively replaces soda ash Na2CO3, caustic soda NaOH, caustic magnesia MgO, sodium silicate Na2SiO3 and magnesium sulfate MgSO4. BleachMag® improves efficiency as well as product quality and reduces process costs.

Economic savings Production advantages Environment benefits
 BleachMag® acts as alkali and magnesium source Improved settling properties of the waste water sludge
Lower bleaching cost  The liquor preparation and the process itself becomes simpler

Reduced TOC, COD and BOD.

Lower waste water treatment cost  The pH in pulping remains more stable

Safe and easy storage and use

Higher pulp yield Drastic reduction of oxalate scaling Lower chlorine content of BleachMag® compared to competitors

BleachMag® requires no major changes or investments at the pulp, paper, or board mill.  Europiren B.V. provides BleachMag® as a powder or a 50 % stabilized aqueous dispersion.



Mg Technical materials

Chemical pulping

BleachMag® can be used in sulphite and bisulphate pulping to replace both caustic magnesite, and soda ash or lime. The replacement of soda ash with BleachMag® powder reduces the consumption of chemicals some 30 %.

Mechanical pulp bleaching
In bleaching of mechanical pulps, BleachMag® reacts as a stabilizer and an alkali agent. BleachMag is a cost effective alternative to caustic soda and sodium silicate. BleachMag® can be used in all GW, PGW, RMP, TMP, and CTMP high yield mechanical pulp mills. BleachMag® slurry can also improve pulp strength and paper machine retention.

Chemical pulp bleaching
 BleachMag® reacts as an alkali source and cellulose protector in chemical pulp bleaching. BleachMag® slurry contains both hydroxyl ions OH- and magnesium ions Mg2+, so it can replace magnesium sulfate MgSO4, and substitute partially caustic soda NaOH, in chemical pulp bleaching. It has been proved in laboratory and mill that BleachMag® slurry is a cost effective option.

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