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Reagent for water purification from heavy metals

Application of MagTreat allows to remove impurities of heavy metal ions from aqueous media.

When processing wastewater of plants (with high content of salts of heavy metals) using MagTreat the reduction of concentration of ions to the values of the MPC as in fishery ponds can be achieve.

MagTreat precipitates heavy metal ions as hydroxides and link formed colloidal suspension as well filtering sediments. Especially effectively remove such dangerous elements as copper, lead, cadmium, zinc, chromium, etc.

Mg(OH)2 ↔ Mg2+ + 2OH Me2+ + 2OH = Me(OH)2 ↓where Me2+ — ions Fe2+, Cu2+, Ni2+, Zn2+, etc.

Unlike other commonly used alkaline reagents such as caustic soda, lime and soda, the usage of MagTreat does not lead to excessive increasing of pH level during overdose of reagent.

MagTreat also successfully solves the problem of the removing of iron ions from water, and therefore prevents the deposition of iron oxides.

Comparative table of reagents used for water treatment

Useful properties MagTreat Soda Caustic Soda Limestone
Production costs low high high low
Caustic (toxic) properties no yes yes no
Volume of sludge after cleaning low low low high
Possibility of regeneration yes no no no
Duration of action high short short high
Alkalinity control yes no no yes
Water hardness reduces increases increases increases
Range of impurities removed wide narrow narrow narrow
Safety for the environment yes no no no
Nutritional properties for silt yes no no no

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