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Reagent for gases purification

The use of MagTreat allows radically reduce the concentration of acidic and toxic gases. It results emission standards  to match European Union standards. Application of MagTreat improves the efficiency of traditional gas treatment method by means of slaked lime (calcium-magnesium method).

Application of MagTreat for gas treatment

MagTreat absorbs following acidic and toxic gases
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Hydrogen chloride
  • Sulfur trioxide

The resulted mix of salts may be used as perfect fertilizer in agriculture and horticulture both as a liquid and as a dry substance (without evaporation).

The unique ability of MagTreat to effectively absord nitrogen oxides NOx, sulfur oxides, heavy metals, etc., makes it very convenient as adsorbing material for scrubbing technology on many industrial enterprises and plants

MagTreat product may be applied either as dry material (dry scrubbers) or as suspension in water (wet technique). It also can be used (for efficiency) together with conventional reagents such as slaked lime.

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