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Reagent for acid sewages neutralization

MagTreat can be effectively used as a material for neutralization of acid sewages due to soft caustic effect of magnesium hydroxide base.

Unlike many commonly used chemicals as lime, sodium hydroxide or soda MagTreat gradually neutralize acids reaching the maximum Ph level of 8-8,5 forming safe buffer solutions.

There is no exceeding calorification during neutralization process. Unlike strong caustic chemicals, there won’t be alkaline impact on aquatic life, if MagTreat was dosed wrong.

MagTreat products are highly effectual in neutralization of both inorganic and organic acids:

  • sulfuric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • phosphoric acid (with the withdrawal from formed phosphates environment)
  • nitric acid
  • Acetic acid


Material is spent gradually while neutralization of acid wastes therefore there is no need for additional expenses on utilization and regeneration may be avoided.

Waters formed after treatment are enriched with magnesium ions and are completely safe for the environment.

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