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Metallurgical flux

Metallurgical flux

FluMag is a highly effective magnesian metallurgical flux.  It is produced on the basis of brucite – mineral with the highest content of magnesium oxide in nature. Brucite is mined in our own deposit.

FluMag is used in the ferrous metallurgy during steel production for applying of high-strength skull on linings of modern steelmaking assembles such as oxygen converter.  It is used in the process of blowing of slag by nitrogen and as adding in filling scrap in order to increase the resistance of the protective layer.

FluMag can efficiently and technologically replace complex Mg fluxes that contain dolomite and magnesite.


General characteristics

  • increases the service life of lining of the converter up to 30%
  • improves the productivity of converters
  • improves the quality of the produced steel due to low content of impurities
  • reduces production cost of steel
  • reduces the loss of product during storage and transportation due to strong structure



Flux for steelmaking in converter
Currently, the steel plants need to increase the service life of the lining of converters during the slag blowing by nitrogen. For this purpose complex magnesia fluxes based on dolomite and magnesite are used.

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