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Gas and water purification

Gas and water purification

MagTreat is a highly efficient reagent of new generation for treatment of water and gases from harmful impurities based on magnesium hydroxide. It can be used as a powder or as a suspension.

Advantages of MagTreat

In water treatment

  • high sorption capacity in relation to ions of heavy metals (higher in comparison to activated carbons, cations or zeolites)
  • effectively replaces other reagents, such as lime and caustic soda
  • no secondary pollution of water
  • the possibility of full regeneration
  • can be used both in static and in dynamic conditions
  • effective neutralization of acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric, nitric and acetic acids
  • safe to store, handle and use, non-corrosive
  • low production cost
  • ease in use and handling

In gas treatment

  • effective reagent for removal of sulphur from flue gasses
  • highly efficient in the process of absorption (>98%)
  • Low consumption of power
  • Low maintenance costs
  • compactness of equipment
  • absence of formation of insoluble sediments which pollute the system
  • obtaining valuable by-products
  • absence of abrasive effect



Reagent for acid sewages neutralization
MagTreat can be effectively used as a material for neutralization of acid sewages due to soft caustic effect of magnesium hydroxide base.

Reagent for gases purification
The use of MagTreat allows radically reduce the concentration of acidic and toxic gases. It results emission standards  to match European Union standards. Application of MagTreat improves the efficiency of traditional gas treatment method by means of slaked lime (calcium-magnesium method).

Reagent for water purification from heavy metals
Application of MagTreat allows to remove impurities of heavy metal ions from aqueous media.

Reagent for flue gases desulfurization
Desulfurization (desulfurization) of flue gas using MagTreat is the most effective method nowadays.

Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is mainly produced by burning fossil fuels. It is one of the most harmful pollutants which appear as the result of human activity. Sulfur dioxide affects human health, cause acid rain, both at the local and regional levels. It harms nature and environment.


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