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Ecopiren in polyolefin wire and cable formulations

During recent years environmental standards and regulations are becoming stricter. Therefore in some areas PVC due to its high chlorine content can’t be used. In such cases halogen-free compositions based on polyolefin are used.

Because of low crystallinity non-halogen compositions may contain different amounts of Ecopiren flame retardants which results in a set of composite materials with a wide range of properties. In recent years such materials have been increasingly applied as insulation of cable products.

A range of Ecopiren flame retardants can be successfully applied in such polymer compositions.

Below are typical polyolefin (EVA) cable formulations containing the Ecopiren 3.5 grade and showing flammability and physical property results for each formulation.

Typical Polyolefin wire and cable formulation with Ecopiren:

Formulation Component EVA – A EVA – B
EVA EscoreneTM UL 00119 39.45% 33.47%
SilquestTM A-1100 amino silane аминосилан 0.4% 0.4%
Stabilizer Irganox 1010 0.15% 0.13%
Ecopiren 3.5 60% 66%
LOI 35 39
UL 94 @ 3.2 mm Fail VO
Maximum Tensile mPA 13.64 14.68
Tensile at Break mPA 13.54 10.08
Tensile Strain Break % 155.97 130.51
Youngs Modulus mPA 130.52 169.32
Mean Volume Resistivity ohms/cm 8.66х1013 3.02х1013

Halogen-free compositions which are made using Ecopiren 3,5 show high values of oxygen index in all formulations shown above. Composition with high content of Ecopiren 3,5 meets the UL94 VO standard. Moreover Ecopiren 3,5 is successfully used as a  flame retardant in a number of halogen-free polymer compositions for production of cable insulation materials.

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