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Ecopiren in highly filled compounds

Mineral fillers like aluminum hydroxide (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH) are often used in LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) polyolefin formulations to provide flame retardant properties for highly filled applications.

Ecopiren is a fine natural magnesium hydroxide white powder which could be included in formulation with other components like polymers, lubricants, colorants and stabilizers. These formulations are often produced as white or colored pellets.

Ecopiren is environmentally friendly and ecologicaly safe. It does not contain halogens and produce no carbon dioxide.

Formulation of polyolefin composition with very high oxygen index value for the usage in internal cable space is shown below. In this composition Ecopiren 10 is used, the oxygen index here reaches values of more than 60%.

Formulation of polyolefin composition for the usage in internal cable space:

Formulation Component Ecopiren 10
PE Engage ENR 7380 15%
PE Wax 4%
Stearic Acid 1%
Ecopiren 10 80%
Oxygen Index >60%

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Ecopiren 10


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