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Liquid complex fertilizers

AgroMag AktiMax can be most effectively applied by spraying the foliage of the plant.

Magnesium is very well absorbed by the leaves. He readily absorbed 10.4 times compared with potassium and 15 times faster than phosphorus. 2-3 times faster sorption of magnesium through the leaves, if inserted together with urea.

Regularity of using.

From 1 to 5 inserts per season depending on the type of crop and the containing of magnesium in the soil.

Compatibility of using

  • AgroMag AktiMax is compatible with most liquid fertilizers, agrochemicals and pesticides.
  • Application of Agromag AktiMax inserting are in range from 3 to 8 liters per 1 ha, at a ratio of dilution by water from 1:10 to 1:150.

Rate of AgroMag AktiMax inserting

Culture Product consumption rate Min ratio with water Recommendations
cherry 4–5 l/ha 1:100 During fetal maturityand after harvest but before the period defoliation
lawn grass 4 l/ha 1:50 At the beginning of growth, and / or after determining of the necessity of insertion by means of the analysis. Repeat if necessary after 10–14 days.
peas 3–4 l/ha 1:20 When the plant reached a height of 15 cm.
cereals 1,5–4 l/ha 1:10 Inject during the shoot forming and inject again when a subtending leaf swears.
Zucchini and squash 4 l/ha 1:10 Make 2–3 injections from the time when the area is sufficient to cover the tops spraying.
potatoes 4 l/ha 1:10 In places where the magnesium content is low or very low, make two injections between the first and fourth weeks after emergence of 100% of shoots. To increase the solids content can be injected also during the growth of tubers.
strawberries 3 l/ha 1:50 2 injections from the time when the area is sufficient to cover the foliage spraying.
corn 4 l/ha 1:10 At the stage of formation of 4–6 leaves.
onion 4 l/ha 1:10 When the area is sufficient for coverage of foliage spraying. Repeat as necessary.
carrots 4–8 l/ha 1:10 When the area of shaw is sufficient for covering by spraying, and if necessary — repeat after 7–10 days.
Cucumbers (outdoors) 4 l/ha 1:10 2–3 injections from the time when the area of shaw is sufficient to cover the tops spraying.
sunflower 4 l/ha 1:10 At the time when the plant has from 2 to 8 pairs of leaves.
Lettuce (outdoor) 4–8 l/ha 1:10 Inject when the area of shaw is sufficient to cover the tops spraying, and if necessary — repeat after 7–10 days.
tomatoes 5 l/ha 1:10 When the plant reaches 15 cm in height. Repeated after 10–14 days.
citrus 3 l/ha 1:150 Inject two times: during the spring bloom and again during autumn bloom.
apple 3–5 l/ha 1:100 Inject after the appearance of pink kidney and repeat in the ovary. In the case of moderate or severe deficiency repeat during fetal development. After the harvest, but until the beginning of defoliation.

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