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AgroMag — a new environmentally friendly magnesium fertilizer. It is homogeneous white powder without impurities, odorless. AgroMag is used for all crops as the main fertilizer and ameliorator. It is particularly effective for potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, that are grown in the open and in protected ground.

Benefits of using AgroMag AktiMax

  • Neutralize soil acidity;
  • Increases yields of crops;
  • Improves the quality and increases the shelf life of production;
  • Reduces the incidence of plant by rots;
  • Increase the content of ascorbic acid, sugar, oils, fats;
  • Provides plants with the complex of micro and macro elements;
  • Well absorbed through the leaf surface. It increases the efficiency and speed of action of magnesium;
  • High concentration of magnesium;
  • Liquid form allows you to use the product together in tank mixtures with other agrochemicals. It eliminates additional costs for its using;
  • Effective for using in different soils, including soils with neutral or alkaline reaction of the soil medium. Мagnesium, which is in these soils, is not available for plant nutrition;
  • Compatible with most of liquid fertilizers, agrochemicals and pesticides



Mg Technical materials

Magnesium fertilizer (ameliorator)
AgroMag can be used for all crops as the main fertilizer. It is particularly effective for potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, grown in the open and protected ground.

Liquid complex fertilizers
AgroMag AktiMax can be most effectively applied by spraying the foliage of the plant.

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