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Russian brucite

Europiren B.V. is a subsidiary of the Russian Mining Chemical Company that produces and distributesRussian brucite for a variety of magnesia products. We produce and distribute for the European, American and Asian markets. Our office is located in Rotterdam which enables us to provide our customers with on-time delivery and smooth logistics. Our magnesium minerals are used for environmental, industrial and agricultural purposes. Are you looking for a company that produces and delivers Russian brucite? Europiren B.V., established in2013, is willing to help you.

Russian brucite fromKuldur

Europiren B.V. is known as a specialised producer of pure magnesium minerals. The applications of these minerals are numerous. They are used for bleaching pulp, filtering water and making materials such as PVC flame retardant. The key raw material for the production is obtained from the mineral brucite, a natural mineral magnesium hydroxide that includes the highest content of magnesium. Annually we produce more than 100.000 tons of brucite, coming from the mine in Kuldur, Russia.
In 2013 we have produced over 60,000 tons of end products.

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