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Roofing membrane additive

Europiren B.V. is the company you are looking for when you are searching for a producer of a roofing membrane additive. Since 2013 we provide companies in Europe, America and Asia with high purity magnesium minerals. These minerals serve as an additive during the process of pulp bleaching, water filtering and the production of flame retardant materials as PVC and TPO. Our company is based near the harbour of Rotterdam, a perfect location for worldwide distribution. Our clients can rely on well-organised logistics and very fast delivery. Does your company produce roofing membranes but are you missing the additive for making them flame retardant? You can rely on the services of Europiren B.V.

Roofing membrane additive: magnesium hydroxide is what you need

The magnesium minerals produced by Europiren B.V. are known in several areas of application, such as PVC and bitumen. Our minerals can be used as an additive in the production of roofing membranes as well. This will make them flame retardant. Are you wondering if the application of a magnesium hydroxide will change the production? Just a little. All you have to do is add magnesium hydroxide in the final stage of the production process. Sounds easy, right? However, the result is great. Thanks to the additive, you will produce roofing membranes that can absorb more heat and smoke. The additive can be delivered as a powder or as a suspension

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