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Reagent for water treatment

Are you looking for a highly efficient reagent for water treatment, then Europiren B.V. has the solution for you. Europiren B.V. is a specialised producer of pure magnesium minerals and distributes them to its clients in both inside and outside Europe. Our company is located in the port area of Rotterdam, which means that we have easily access to the European motorways and sea and rivers. This makes transporting our minerals very easy and very fast. Besides, our logistics are smooth and well-organised. Clients can rely on us. Are you looking for a reagent for water treatment? Europiren B.V. is the company that can serve you.

Reagent for water treatment in powder or suspension

Europiren B.V. provides its clients with magnesium minerals, minerals that can be applied in the production of numerous materials, such as PVC, TPO, paper and even water. Europiren B.V. has a highly efficient reagent for the treatment of water, in order to filter impurities, based on magnesium hydroxide. We can deliver this reagent for water treatment as a powder or as a suspension. The result: water without secondary pollution. This method is very easy to apply.

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