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Pulp bleaching additive

Are you looking for a pulp bleaching additive that does not harm the environment and your costs, then Europiren B.V. has the solution for you. Europiren B.V. is a well-known producer of magnesium minerals in an environmental way. We distribute our minerals to all over the world, thanks to our location near the harbour of Rotterdam. We guarantee our client a solid cooperation, based on fast deliveries and well-organised logistics. Our magnesium minerals have been applied for industrial, environmental and agricultural purposes. The minerals have served as an additive in the process of pulp bleaching as well.

Magnesium minerals: Pulp bleaching additive

Are you looking for a beneficial alternative on chemical pulp bleaching which is a less expensive and a more environmentally friendly way of pulp bleaching? Europiren B.V. has a solution. We offer a new method of pulp bleaching that is based on an additive of natural magnesium hydroxide. On the one hand, this technique is innovative and lowers the costs of the pulp bleaching process. At the same time it’s anenvironmentally friendly method and it creates pulp of a better quality as well. Our magnesium hydroxide additive for pulp bleaching can be delivered as a powder or as a 50% suspension in water.

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