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Magnesium minerals

Europiren B.V. is the answer for the question ‘Where can I find a manufacturer and distributer of magnesium minerals?’. Europiren B.V. has been producing and distributing highly pure magnesium minerals for many years. From our location in Rotterdam we distribute magnesium minerals to our clients in Europe, Asia and America. Because of the good infrastructure we can deliver our products very fast. Our magnesium minerals are used for many purposes in different sectors, such as agriculture and industry.

Magnesium minerals: numerous application

Europiren B.V. is specialised in the production and distribution of magnesium minerals and cooperates with countries all over the world. Our products are produced in anenvironmentally friendly way, by using waste technologies for example. For the production of magnesium minerals, we use innovative technologies and a certified control system in order to make sure that our products are safe to handle. The applications of magnesium minerals are numerous. They are used in the production of flame retardant materials as PVC and TPO or for an environmentally friendly way of pulp bleaching.

Information about applications

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