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Magnesium hydroxide

When you are looking for a company that can provide you with magnesium hydroxide, then you should call Europiren B.V. Europiren B.V. is specialised in producing and distributing pure magnesium minerals, such as magnesium hydroxide. The collaboration with our clients is based on timely delivery and smooth logistics, made possible by our location in the port area of Rotterdam. Our clients can be found in Europe, as well as in America and Asia. Are you the next company that imports magnesium minerals from Rotterdam?

Magnesium hydroxide for flame retandancy

The applications of magnesium minerals are numerous. They are used for several industrial, environmental and agricultural purposes. Europiren B.V. developed magnesium hydroxide especially for the production of flame retardant materials as PVC, TPO and bitumen. Magnesium hydroxide makes the production of flame retardant products very easy, since this mineral only has to be added in the final stage of the production process of, for example, PVC. Magnesium hydroxide makes materials capable to absorb both heat and smoke. This innovative technique has been applied in the production of cables, wires and roofing membranes, among other.

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