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Magnesium hydroxide slurry manufacturing

Europiren B.V. is an affiliate of a Russian magnesium hydroxide slurry manufacturing company. We are based in the Netherlands and established in 2013 to provide maximum support to especially the European markets, but we also serve the markets in North- and South America and Asia. Because of our highly skilled team and strong communication with the mining site in Kuldur, we are able to provide our customers the best possible products and services. 

Magnesium hydroxide slurry manufacturing company

As an affiliate of a Russian magnesium hydroxide slurry manufacturing company we supply the product a powder that is applied as an alkali agent and stabilizer of pulp bleaching. The powder is called BleachMag and used in the magnesium hydroxide slurry manufacturing. BleachMag provides many production benefits compared to caustic soda, ash and lime. Besides it acts as alkali and magnesium source,

  • The liquor preparation and the process itself becomes simpler
  • The pH in pulping remains more stable
  • There will be drastic reduction of oxalate scaling

Besides the production advantages, there are also positive economic and environmental effects to discover. We are able to supply our customers any samples and technical support to test BleachMag in their production.

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