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Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant

Would you like to use magnesium hydroxide in order to make your products flame retardant, then ask Europiren B.V. for more information. Europiren B.V. developed a technique based on magnesium hydroxide in order to make materials such as PVC, TPO and bitumen flame retardant. Magnesium hydroxide has been applied for many purposes, such as the production of flame retardant cables and wires.

Magnesium hydroxide for flame retandancy

Europiren B.V. is specialised in the production and distribution of magnesium minerals and cooperates with countries all over the world. Our company is situated in the port area of Rotterdam so we are provided with a very good infrastructure. We distribute our minerals to companies located in Europe, Asia and America. Our production of magnesium hydroxide is not toxic and thus very environmentally friendly. Besides, the application of magnesium hydroxide is quite easy. Magnesium hydroxide only has to be added in the last stage of the material’s production process. The result is a material that can absorb both heat and smoke. Magnesium hydroxide makes flame retardant materials you can rely on.

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