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Low smoke PVC

Europiren B.V. is the company if you need the basic materials for the production of low smoke PVC. We distribute our products to companies inside and outside Europe, which is made possible by our location near the harbour of Rotterdam. Europiren B.V. produces high purity magnesium minerals in an environmentally friendly and save way. Our minerals have been used for a variety of purposes in the industrial, environmental and agricultural sector. Does your company would like to start to produce low smoke PVC? Europiren B.V. would like to contribute to this production.

Low smoke PVC made possible by magnesium hydroxide

PVC is a commonly used polymer and has already a certain level of flame retandancy. However, PVC is often mingled with plastics which makes PVC more flammable again. Europiren B.V. found the solution for this problem. We developed a technique that produces low smoke PVC. By adding magnesium hydroxide in the last stage of the production process of PVC, you will gain PVC that can absorb both the heat and the smoke. As you can notice: producing low smoke PVC is not that difficult for us.

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