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Flux for steelmaking

When you are looking for a company that delivers you flux for steelmaking, then you are looking for Europiren B.V. Europiren B.V. is an expert in producing and delivering high purity magnesium minerals for a variety of purposes. Our magnesium minerals have been used for industrial, environmental and agricultural applications. Europiren B.V. can deliver magnesium flux for steelmaking too. It does not matter where in the world your company is located, since Europiren B.V. is based in the port area of Rotterdam. With a good infrastructure in our backyard, we can guarantee our clients smooth logistics and timely delivery.

Flux for steelmaking: Europiren B.V.

Europiren B.V. is aware of the fact that the steel factories need to increase the service of life of the lining of converters during the slag blowing by nitrogen nowadays. For this process, magnesia flux based on dolomite and magnesite is needed. Europiren B.V. does provide its clients all over the world with magnesium flux for steelmaking. Our high magnesium flux has been used by many factories, on the one hand for the infliction of high-strength slag skull on the converter lining, and on the other hand for the increasing of the durability of the scull coating during the steelmaking process.

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