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Flame retardant TPO

Would your company like to start with the production of flame retardant TPO but are the raw materials for this process lacking, please call Europiren B.V. for some help. Europiren B.V. is a producer of high purity magnesium minerals and presents its products all over the world. We are known for our innovative technologies and environmentally friendly and safe way of producing. Our products are made with a minimal of energy consumption, by using waste technologies. Because of our location near the harbour of Rotterdam, we can warrant our clients smooth logistics and timely delivery.

Flame retardant TPO: call Europiren B.V.

The innovative magnesium minerals of Europiren B.V. are suitable for industrials and environmental application, as well as for agriculture purposes. Europiren B.V. has developed a method in order to produce a compound that can make materials, such as PVC and TPO, flame retardant. The addition of magnesium hydroxide in the final stage of the production process of PVC or TPO makes the materials able to absorb more heat and to decompose temperature. It is anenvironmentally friendly and easy way of making PVC and TPO flame retardant.

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Would you like to find out how Europiren B.V. can contribute to the production of flame retardant TPO done by your company? We would like to discuss the possibilities for cooperation. Please call +31 (0) 10 350 6206 for more information.

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