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Flame retardant PVC

In case you are looking for a company that can provide you the necessities for the productions of flame retardant PVC, then you should contact Europiren B.V. Europiren B.V. is a producer of high purity magnesium minerals. We distribute our minerals to companies, especially in Europe but we do serve American and Asian companies too. Because Europiren B.V. is located in the area of Rotterdam, it has direct access to the European motorways, seas and rivers. In this way, we can warrant smooth logistics and timely delivery to our customers, which is the basis for a good collaboration.

Flame retardant PVC: Europiren B.V.

PVC is one of the most commonly used polymers worldwide. PVC already has a certain level of flame retardancy, however, because of the added plasticizers the flammability rises. That is why Europiren B.V. has developed a method to produce flame retardant PVC. This advanced technique is based on magnesium hydroxide that is treated in a special way in order to make plastics such as PVC flame retardant. The mineral coming out of the process can be added in the final stage of the PVC producing process. The PVC will be flame retardant for sure which is perfect for voltage cables and wire insulations among others.

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