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Flame retardant PVC compound

Your search for a flame retardant compound ends at Europiren B.V. Europiren B.V. is specialised in producing and delivering highly pure magnesium minerals. Our location, in the port area of Rotterdam, makes it possible to distribute our minerals to companies in both inside and outside Europe. Europiren B.V. warrants smooth logistics and timely delivery, and thus a solid basis for a good collaboration.

Flame retardant PVC compound: Europiren B.V. makes it possible

The minerals produced by Europiren B.V. are used in very different areas of application, such as PVC. This polymer is commonly used for the production of cables and wires, among others. PVC already had a certain level of flame retardancy but because of the addition of plasticizers during the production process, the flammability rises. For this reason, Europiren B.V. developed a compound that makes the production of flame retardant PVC possible. This compound is called magnesium hydroxide, a mineral that can be applied very easily during the final stage of the production of PVC. We can guarantee that you can rely on the flame retardant PVC that comes out of the production process.

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Are you looking for a company that can provide you the compound needed for the production of flame retardant PVC? We are willing to discuss the possibilities for collaboration with you.Please call +31 (0) 10 350 6206 for more information.

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