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Flame retardant bitumen

In case you need the basic materials for the production of flame retardant bitumen, you should contact Europiren B.V. Would you like to know why? Europiren B.V. is specialised in producing and delivering highly pure magnesium minerals. Over the past years we have cooperated with companies inside and outside Europe. We are located in the port area of Rotterdam, which is a perfect location because of the good infrastructure. Smooth logistics and timely delivered products are guaranteed.When you are looking for a company that can deliver the needs for the production of flame retardant bitumen, then Europiren B.V. is the answer.

Flame retardant bitumen: magnesium hydroxide

Bitumen is a liquid that can burn very easily, as you might know. Europiren B.V. has developed an advanced technique that makes the production of flame retardant bitumen possible. This technique is based on magnesium hydroxide that is treated in a special way. The mineral that comes out of the process can be added at the very final stage of the production process of bitumen. In this way, you can produce flame retardant bitumen very easily.

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