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Component for the production of vanadium

Magnesium sulfate is prepared from followed components: magnesium hydroxide is mixed with sulfuric acid, which is formed as by-product at the plant.

Magnesium sulfate is obtained as an aqueous solution without crystallization.

Application of MagAdd trademark in the production of V2O5

In the production of vanadium products, namely the preparation of vanadium from vanadium slag and other materials that contain vanadium, it is recommended to use magnesium sulfate, that prepared from MagAdd magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium sulfate reduces manganese content and increases the content of the lead component (vanadium oxide (V)) in the final product.

In the production of V2O5 by lime-sulfuric acid technology from vanadium slag and other materials using an oxidative roasting, leaching and precipitation of magnesium sulphate solution is used for final product purification of manganese. During this process occurs the substitution of impurities that contain in the freshly precipitated sediment V2O5, o magnesium cation. It results in improving the quality of the finished product and increasing of content of lead component.

This is achieved by the fact that before finishing by washing with water, the precipitate was washed with a solution of magnesium sulfate with concentration 2-7 g/l of Mg2+ cation at L:S = 2-7, where L: S is the ratio of fluid mass to the mass of solids in the slurry.

Processing of concentrate on the proposed scheme allows to obtain products with a manganese content to meet the requirements of international contracts for technical vanadium oxide. It also allows to use it for smelting of low-Mg ferrovanadium and special alloys.

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