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Component for the production of magnesium stearate

Magnesium Stearate is the salt of magnesium and stearic acid. Finely divided white powder, slightly soapy feel.

Dissolved in a warm alcohol, can be mixed in the oils, insoluble in water. Not transparent, has a hiding power, improves the adhesion (sticking to the skin).

Areas of application

  • placer and pressed cosmetics (powder, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara )
  • creams
  • creams, lotions, balms, shampoos cream
  • It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Used in the above areas through its following properties

  • filler, a foundation for makeup
  • binder (bonding agent)
  • used for the preparation of compact powder / tint
  • replacing of starch and talc
  • improves the texture and consistency of mineral cosmetics
  • improves the suspension of pigments
  • prevents caking and clumping in the mineral cosmetics
  • not transparent
  • has opacity
  • partially replaces matte white pigment
  • improves the adhesion (sticking to the skin)
  • non-gel thickener (increases viscosity)
  • lubricant (improves glide)

Turnkey solutions for this field

The most demanded products of Europiren in this field are:

MagAdd 45, MagAdd 0-300


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