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Component for the production of magnesium nitrate

Magnesium nitrate — inorganic compound, colorless hygroscopic crystals Formula Mg (NO3)2. Melting point: 426°C (dec.).

Above 300°C decomposes on MgO and oxides of nitrogen. Solubility in water (g per 100 g): 73.3 (20°C), 81,2 ( 40°C), 91,9 ( 60°C). Soluble in ethanol and methanol, liquid NH3.

Types of crystalline hydrates

  • an anhydrous Mg(NO3)2
  • dihydrate Mg(NO3)2×2Н2О
  • hexahydrate Mg(NO3)2×6Н2О
  • nonahydrate Mg(NO3)2×9Н2О

Ranges of application

  • Mineral fertilizers
  • Pyrotechnic compositions

Turnkey solutions for this field

The most demanded products of Europiren in this field are:

MagAdd 45, MagAdd 0-300


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