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Anti-caking agent for ammonium nitrate

Mineral fertilizers are prone to caking, dusting and dehumidification. AgroMag, aspecial conditioning additive was especially developed to eliminate these problems in the production of ammonium nitrate.

Advantages of Agromag

  • Reduction of the production costs of ammonium nitrate by replacing expensive organic conditioners;
  • Simplification of the technology of ammonium nitrate production as no special equipment for processing of pellets is required;
  • The color of ammonium nitrate using Agromag is «snow white»;
  • Reduction of the time of crystallization of ammonium nitrate;
  • Increase of the integrity of the granules;
  • Reduction of the amount of sludge (waste) and as a result a reduction of the costs for disposal of waste and of emissions
  • Agromag’s extremely low sulfate content can significantly reduce energy consumption and downtime of equipment
  • Reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides because of a lower temperature in the reactor
  • Increasing of the labour productivity.

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AgroMag 0-300


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