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Animal feed

Animal feed

A new highly effective drug AgroMag — magnesium hydroxide is used for the prevention of diseases associated with magnesium deficiency and for meeting the needs of animals in magnesium.

AgroMag highly efficient magnesium feed additive is a natural mineral, which chemical elements are in the bound state, the degree of impact on the human body and animals refers to hazard class 4.

AgroMag can be used in animal husbandry in the following areas

For cattle: used in the diets of dairy cows as a feed additive. Increases the average daily milk yield and the fat content of milk. It greatly improves the efficiency of feed.

For pig farms: used in the diets of young pigs for fattening, which improves the average of daily gain of living creatures. It significantly increases the efficiency of feed.



Technical materials

Magnesium additive in feed for cattle
Magnesium is a «building» material for bones and teeth, it is a significant part of various enzymes and plays an important part in metabolism. Along with calcium, magnesium ensures normal functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.

Magnesium additive in feed for pigs
Magnesium in the diet of pigs, usually contains a sufficient amount. However, some species and sex and age groups (young, pregnant, high) may lack magnesium. 

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