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Europiren B.V.

Innovative magnesium minerals for industrial, environmental and agricultural applications

Benefits of Europiren

Europiren is an exclusive distributor of Russian Mining Chemical Company, a producer of high purity magnesium minerals

Own sourse of raw materials and innovative technologies

Certified quality control system

The company’s products are widely presented in all regions of the world

The company’s products are environmentally friendly and safe to handle

All products are produced with minimal energy consumption, using waste technologies (carbon foot print)

About us

Europiren B.V. was established in 2013 to provide maximum support to especially the European markets, but it also serves the markets in North- and South America and Asia.

Europiren is located in the Rotterdam port area. Rotterdam is Europe’s largest logistic and industrial hub with an unrivalled location at sea and river and direct access to the dense network of European motorways. The ideal location to guarantee smooth logistics and timely delivery to all our customers, wherever they are located.

Our experienced technical sales team has an in-depth knowledge of the different markets and applications. They will find the best solution to every magnesium need, by presenting either a product from our extensive delivery program or by developing a tailor made product.
Thanks to the short communication lines with the mining site in Kuldur and the processing plant in Vyazma, our customers benefit from the vast expertise of products and applications within our group of companies.


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Our experts will provide you with advice on the use of the product.